Business Owner? Appliance Repair Specialist? 4 things you should know !

by Jose Martinez
at 2023-04-27

You know the saying, work smarter not harder or time is money. No matter what you live by the goal is the same. Every minute counts and ensuring your time is used wisely is key to your business’ success, henceforth yours.


You’ve built a fantastic service business offering the best appliance repair business. Its key to someone’s quality of life. Now; you’re overbooked and trying to follow up on your business operations, working overtime and stretching yourself thin to ensure you run a solid business.


4 things you should know


  1. Growing your business can be fun
  2. Know what your strengths are and what you’re good at.
  3. Digital Adoption; use technology to streamline your operations to spend more time with clients and less time on your computer. Insider tip; use WicWac; its what you need.
  4. Digital Records to save time and money while doing your end of year statements.



Luckily for your appliance repair service business there’s digital adoption tools like WicWac. An event driven solution as close as you can get to an ai driven solution for a service business, you can digitally adopt within 10 minutes in 3 easy steps. Your scheduling , invoicing , documentation, proof of work and an option for your customers to leave tips and ratings are all embedded into the system. Moreover with their innovative quick connect feature, you’ll have the opportunity to invite your existing and new customer via SMS, popular social media applications and you’ll even have your own unique QR code. 

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