US Fee Schedule

All Fees are paid by the service provider.
We have worked hard to try to ensure hat the costs are fair and non-prohibitive to doing business.Our fee structure is separated into 2 different fees; a Software Licensing fee and a processing fee.
Our minimum Software Licensing Fees is $2.5 per transaction and shall be capped at $7.75 per transaction. Our processing fee is a straight 3.90 % of the value of transaction with no minimums or maximums regardless of the dollar value of the transaction.
Please refer to the table below for your reference

Software Licensing Fee Table

Transaction Range WW Software License fee
$0 - $60 $2.50
> $60 - $80 $3.25
> $80 - $100 $4.00
> $100 - $120 $4.75
> $120 - $140 $5.50
> $140 - $160 $6.25
> $160 - $180 $7.00
> $180 - $200 $7.75
> $200 $7.75

Software Licensing Fees are based on the total value including Taxes , Tips are not subject to Software Licensing Fees
The maximum Software Licensing Fees incurred by any service provider with 1 (one) user per account is US $49.99 / calendar month. For clarity; if a service provider invoices 5 jobs at $80 each the Software Licensing Fees will be $20 in total. Should the service provider invoice 50 jobs at $80 each ; the Software Licensing Fees will be US $49.99 in the calendar month.

Processing Fee Table

Transaction Value Processing fee
Any (No minimum and no maximum) 3.90 %
**The Processing fee is contingent on the total value of the transactions including tips, taxes and service fees**

Refund Fees

There are no Fees to refund a payment but WicWac’s Processing and Software Licensing Fees on the original transaction will not be returned incase of a refund.

Instant Payout

Our Payment processor Stripe Payments Canada, Ltd. hereby known as “Stripe” facilitates early payout and the cost according to their documentation is 1% of the transaction value + a minimum fee of $0.50. You can find more information about instant payout and fees at


US$15.00 or US$0 Disputed payments, such as chargebacks, incur a fee. If the customer’s bank resolves the dispute in your favor, the fee is fully refunded. You can learn more about about disputes and additional details at Stripe Services Agreement Stripe Connected Account Agreement Protection Status